About the messy diy mom….

My very first post….am I nervous, well yes. Why did I decide to start blogging? Oh yes that’s right I want to help other mommies out there like me!

I live in beautiful Kalispell, Montana, nestled in the Northwestern part of the state. Glacier Nation Park is in our back yard, only 30 minutes away! Contrary to some peoples beliefs we do actually have running water, electricity and do not ride horses everywhere. I’m a daughter, mother and wife. I work full time managing a dental office along with my bosses everyday moves. I also have a business of my own where I make Montana inspired drink ware and decals.

I have a handsome 10 year old son and a beautiful 9 year old step daughter. My husband (he is also handsome) and I were married August 30th, 2014. All three are my rock and I don’t know what I’d do with out them……well I’d probably drink some wine and not have to make dinner! But I would miss them terribly if it was for more than a day.

I’m the person who tries to do it all for everyone but sometimes “doing it all” mean I leave a messy wake behind me so come a long for some good laughs and maybe I can share a thing or two that may help you out some day.





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