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How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet Easily

I have always had a love hate relationship with my cast iron skillet. I love the way food tasted when cooked in cast iron but dread the cleaning process (I actually dread cleaning all dishes). In the past I have always used the boiling hot water and brush trick to try to get the skillet clean but some of my precious seasoning has been removed from scrubbed to hard over the years.

Last week I cooked some delicious pork chop in my  cast iron skillet and due to forgetting to buy a new scrub brush I was forced to do some experimenting. Long story short a few months ago I had attended a Norwex Party at a friends house. I fell in love with their cleaning cloths and products so much that I signed up to be a independent sales consultant for them. It’s been really fun and I have earned lots of free products over the last few months and one of them being a dish cloth. Now when I saw this “dish cloth” for the first time I was thinking in my head how does this really work it has holes in it! I washed it and put it under the sink to figure it out some other time.

Well in desperation the other night I pulled that dish cloth out and cleaned my cast iron skillet with it. I have never cleaned my skillet so quickly and easily in all theses years. Score! Now I’m no cast iron skillet expert and I really need to re season my skillet but I just wanted to share what worked for me. If you are interested in where to purchase a dish cloth or want to learn more about Norwex please check out my personal website


Directions to Clean Cast Iron Skillet: 

  • Boil water
  • Pour boiling water into cast iron skillet (make sure it’s on a safe hot safe surface)
  • Let hot water sit until it’s cooled off (VERY IMPORTANT)
  • Then take a Norwex Dish cloth and clean skillet
  • Rinse, dry and re oil skillet




Disclaimer: I am not a cast iron expert these ideas are what worked for me. I receive a small commission from Norwex for sales made through my website.


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