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Hearth & Hand by Magnolia at Target

I have been patiently waiting for today, November 5th, 2017, not only is it my mom’s 59th Birthday (Happy Birthday Mom), but Target unveiled it’s newest line Hearth & Hand with Magnolia. This new collection is Modern Farm House for everyday use. Now I’m a dire hard, Fixer Upper anything Joanna and Chip Gaines fan. I know TV is one thing but man those two are just so funny and I relate to their core values.  My personal design style is Farm House, but my husband likes a more modern design, so our home decor happy medium is Modern Farm House. When I heard the exciting news that Target was going to have this line I marked the day on my calendar and have been patiently awaiting ever since.

Here in Northwest Montana winter decided to show up the day after Halloween and has been dumping and blowing snow everyday since. This morning I decided the snow and slick roads weren’t going to stop me from getting to Target. I coaxed the kids with a promise of going down the toy isle so they could make their Christmas Wish List (it worked and successful lists). We made it to Target in one piece and I felt like a kid on Christmas Morning. As the doors opened and I walked in there was a sign with the Gaines smiling faces welcoming me, “Hearth & Hand with Magnolia is here”. Ekkkkk!!!! The kids grabbed a cart and quickly followed me.  I rounded the corner and there  it was a beautiful site of green plaid, galvanized metal, faux greenery, wood, Christmas Decor and linen textiles. Ahhhhh I was so in love!!!!! I didn’t even peruse the whole collection before I started adding everything a selected few things to my cart (remembering the budget). The kids were sweet enough to par take in my excitement and started pointing out their favorite things. I felt the quality and price of the products was great. I expected the price range to be higher on most items so I was excited when they fell into my decor budget.

The following items made it home with me today:

Here were some more of my favorites:

The whole collection is great and when I was at Target they were still adding things to the shelves so I’m assuming there will be more items to see when I go to Target later this week. Let me know what you think of this collection, you can  Shop it Online Here.

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