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Do you love your bra?

Do you love your bra? Or do you struggle to find a good bra? I have struggled for years to find a bra that fits me well and I dislike bra shopping for several reasons. I have always struggled to find my correct size. I have a small band size, big cup size and to top it all off I’m asymmetrical like many other women. I will think I found a bra that will work and within a week of wearing the bra, it starts to fit poorly. I have even ordered online in the past, but after trying several different brands, the same size that all fit different and nothing worked. I feel I have wasted a lot of time and money shopping in local retailers or online for bras that do not fit me.

The end of June I decided it was time, I was in dire need of some new bras. I had bought a couple at a local store in town that I settled for and a week after wearing them they did not fit anymore. Facebook seems to be able to read minds and must of know my boobs were need of some support! Thirdlove had popped up in my news feed. I had heard of thirdlove before, but I didn’t think they would have anything for a woman my size. I clicked the link answered some questions about my current bra, my breast shape and size, my build and so on. The questions were straightforward and thoroughly explained with graphics also. After answering the questions, they provided me with my ideal bra, the t-shirt bra. I ordered two bras, black and nude for $68 each. By ordering two bras, I received a $15 discount on my order. So just like that in less than five minutes, I had two bras coming to my doorstep in less than a week. Hmmmmmmm now could it be that easy?

I received a shipment notification and an estimated date when my bras would arrive. Then to my surprise, my package came a day early!!! I felt like a kid on Christmas. I know I know calm down its just bras……….but really if they fit how awesome would that be.

I opened my box to very nicely packaged bras wrapped in tissue. There was instruction on how to try them on correctly. Their return policy was clearly stated on a card, don’t take the tags off till you try them on! My first impression, the T-shirt bra appears to be constructed well with just the right amount of padding. The material seems breathable, and there are beautiful gold metal accents. The bra fit well with no gapping or bulging anywhere.

I felt I needed to wear them a couple of months before I could write a review. So I have been currently wearing the two bras rotating them based on what shirt color I wear. I wear the nude a little more than the black one. I can honestly say I’m thrilled with the bras. The fit and comfort are far better than any of my VS bras I’ve had in the past, and they have held up great. I wash them once a week and retighten the straps. There is nothing I dislike about these bras.

My favorite things about Thirdlove has been the ease of ordering, fit, comfort, quality, and that the company celebrates women of all shapes and sizes. Thirdlove entirely stands behind their products. They provide no hassle returns, and you can even “try before you buy.” Pay $2.99 for shipping and wear, wash and live in your bra for 30 days. If you hate it, return it, and all you pay is the $2.99 for shipping. They will then donate your bra to women in need. If you love it, which I’m sure you will, then you pay $68.

Overall even with the initial cost, I would highly recommend Thirdlove. You can even Save up to $40 with ThirdLove Bra Bundles!  Let me know if you try them and what you think.




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